Arabel Lebrusan – Tales of Coal
May 2023

We are looking for amateur or professional writers to take part in a small publication for an artwork. We would like you to create a story about an artefact. These artefacts are coal sculptures, traditionally made with British coal. These objects have functioned as souvenirs that people would buy at tourist coal mining spots. The current selection of 12 objects has been bought on eBay and come from all around the UK.

Some of these sculptures have some attached stories to them (that the current owners passed to us), while others won’t have much information about their past. We would like you to imagine and make up a story for them in the style of a fable or tale.


My current body of work investigates the extractive industry of coal mining in the UK through the lens of ecofeminism and ecological grief. I’m currently creating new works for my MA Sculpture degree show at the Royal College of Art at the end of June 2023, and this will be part of it.

These stories will be collected in a small fold-up publication as a giveaway and also on my website:

All writers will be credited if desired and paid £20 per story.

Please visit the padlet below to find images of the souvenirs with further details, and give them a new life. Any questions fire away!