An Exhibition by 2030 Collective

19th – 24th May

Royal College of Art // Hangar Gallery. 25 Howie Street, Battersea, SW11 3AX. 

Come and join us on Monday 22nd May for a private view from 6:00 to 9:00pm, for an evening of entertainers, speakers, and inspiring art.

This is a free ticketed event.

Artists: Abdollah Nafisi / Akanksha Bonsra / Alice Dawson / Annie Trevorah / Arabel Lebrusan / Cyan D’Anjou / Eileen White / Francesca Dobbe / Kristina Kapilin / Linnea Duckworth / Marissa Stoffer / Maya Masuda / Osman Yousefzada / Rachel Bungey / Tom McDonagh / Wenhai Ning / Wuchao Feng / Xiaotong Lai / Yeshé Thapa Magar / Yiping Xia / Yue Yin / Yuxin Han / Yuxin Peng

Artists today are envisioning a plurality of new worldviews. Brink, a group exhibition from 2030 Collective, seeks the emergence of futures we all wish to live in. The curatorial premise of Brink, begins from the assumption that art, with its ability to address our precarious present and make meaning from it, can lead to a deeper understanding of the environmental challenges that we face.
The term “brink” refers to the sense of being at a crucial or critical point, beyond which success or catastrophe may occur. It suggests a state of uncertainty, where the outcome of a situation is in the balance, and where even small actions or decisions can have a significant impact on the future.
In this context exhibition explores a present that has been clouded by futures contingent on an unfolding climate crisis. This exhibition invites us to reflect on the urgent need for action and our responsibility in this decade in determining how life plays out for centuries to come.