art = life + soul // Phoenix Art Space

INTERVENTION DURING SOCIAL CIRCLES RESIDENCY. Collaboration with Helen Dewhurst and Neil Pavey

July 2023

We printed this call to share it among artists, art lovers and the community at Phoenix Art Space, Brighton. We also created banners for the front windows of the building.



For us, Art is the life and soul of the City.

Brighton visual arts are under threat and our ecosystems are struggling. Over the last year, we have lost 3 major visual art venues – Fabrica and Lighthouse have lost NPO funding and their public programmes. Brighton CCA has been closed by University of Brighton. 

We see creativity and making art as a fundamental right for all, that needs protecting.

Many of us artists are freelance workers, experiencing acute stresses from the cost of living crisis, creating real pressure on already precarious livelihoods. Many of us artist are assessing if and how we can continue to afford to continue our practices. Our needs are simple. We need SPACE to make, PEOPLE to make with and VENUES to show our work. We are losing the venues who can support us as artists, whom we can partner with financially and spaces in which we can exhibit to the public. Currently Phoenix is the last public gallery remaining.

We are not dead yet, but we need your support to show we matter. Join us in this conversation!

How is Art important to you?’ 

Give us a word or a new value equation. Give back/tag/send us on socials @social__circles  or email it to:

art  =   …………..    +   …………..

Your contribution will be added to our Phoenix window and/or to our Instagram account, @social__circles

Arabel Lebrusan, visual artist/ Helen Dewhurst, visual artist/ Neil Pavey, visual artist

From Social Circles Collective. Brighton’s Socially Engaged Artist Collective.