Small bird, big space

Medium: Site-specific installation. 50 paper origami birds placed in different rooms of the Monastery.

Year: 2000

Dimensions: vary

Location: Who are we. Residency and Exhibition. July 2000. Leuka Monastery. Znojmo. Check Republic

In collaboration with Photographer Isis Torensma

Small bird, large space is an installation of 50 paper origami birds that were placed in different rooms of a disused monastery in the Czech Republic. While placing something small in an extensive space could easily obscure the subject, Lebrusan foregrounds its impact by repetitively positioning the birds across the area. Initially, one may find it difficult to identify the object. Upon closer look however, one starts to question its existence, giving validation to something naive and innocent. 

Lebrusan’s installation speaks resonantly to our existence as humans in this big world. ‘Small bird, large space’ reminds us that bigger isn’t always better in today’s challenging times. In fact, it is often the baby steps that place us on the path of delivering true competitive advantage. Indirectly, it calls for us to refocus our attention on the small details to outsize impact on our biggest goals. In 2021, ‘small bird large space’ seems like a perfect antidote against the meritocracy all or nothing madness we live in today.


14_bird-2 14_bird-3 14_bird-35 14_bird-space-6