Set table

Medium: Holland Site-specific installation. A table set for two, placed on a draft floating on a lake. Inaccessible.

Year: 2000

Dimensions: 1.70m x 60cm x 75cm

Location: Duurzaamheid Verbeeld Exhibition. May 2000. Griftpark. Utrecht. The Netherlands

Set Table (2020) is an open-ended story in the form of a floating table for two on a lake. Assembled as an isolated, frozen moment in time, Lebrusan’s installation sits seductively between the stillness of landscape paintings and the liveness of the theatre stage. A table with unoccupied chairs that are deliberately left vacant without a narrative, ‘Set Table’ invites viewers to muse on the scene and complete the story. The work questions the time that we spend looking at things in our lives, as it induces the spectator to stop and contemplate.