Fence Ragging

Year: 2011

Medium: Guerilla textiles. Guerilla action. Social engagement project. Site-specific installation. Textile, fence.

Dimensions: 5m x 2m x 0.1m

Location: The Big Lunch, July 2011, Midland Road. Bedford. United Kingdom.

Project developed in collaboration with artists Kezia Merrick and Dawn Giles.

Fence Raggins is a community project created in collaboration with artist Kezia Merrick to re-envision a seemingly unpopular fenced plot on Midland Road in Bedford. Lebrusan and Merrick invited the community to cut strips of cloth and tie them onto the fence. 

As the Bedford community collaboratively fastened rags across the railing, it opened the space up for conversations and changing the perception of the site. Although the installation only remained there until the reconstruction of a new building, Fence Ragging became a symbol of collective community.

DSC07628 sm