The Higgins Bedford & Arabel Lebrusan
September 2021

We are looking for amateur or professional writers to take part in a small publication for The Higgins Museum, in Bedford. We would like these individuals to create stories about the history of an artefact. These artefacts are knives, blades and cutlery from the Social History Collection from The Higgins Museum, Bedford.

Some of these artefacts will have some known facts, while others won’t have much information about their past. We would like you to imagine and make up a story for them.

In 2013, Bedfordshire Police handed over 3 crates of confiscated knives and other utensils to artist Arabel Lebrusan. Ever since she has been working to transform these materials into her latest artwork which will be shown at The Higging Bedford, in November 2021.

In parallel to this art project, The Higgins asked Arabel to curate some of their Social History Collection. Her idea is to bring out some of the never-seen knives and other sharp utensils from their collection (because of their similarity with the ones confiscated by the police), and to give each of them a new life via these short stories created by the public. These stories will be collected into an A5 publication and also an online website.

Please visit the padlet below to find your knife and give it a new life. Any questions fire away!