Exhibition: 17 – 19 March 2023

Standpoint Gallery presented a collaborative exhibition by the Prick & Stitch Alliance.

Prick and Stitch is an ongoing collaborative project devised by artists Denise de Cordova and Kate Davis. The project developed out of on-going conversations exploring notions of pricking and stitching as common processes present in their respective works.

HUNG, DRAWN & QUARTERED was the third manifestation of the project and expanded on from the Royal College of Art Sculpture programme’s annual events of previous years. ‘Prick & Stitch, 2021’ and ‘Prick & Stitch, Vent and Pound, 2022′ were based on the actions of piercing material and matter or embellishing a range of substances through penetration and further explored the use of the written or the spoken word and materials that speak of mass. The notions together recall reparative and destructive actions – bringing together or pulling apart – gathering or discerning.

HUNG, DRAWN & QUARTERED continued this proposal of actions, unsnarling the phrase from its punitive past to reframe it as an artistic praxis; one that refers to the physical realisation of an exhibition, the dissection and dissemination of matter and ideas, and the use of gallows humour as a response to crisis.

Traversing sculpture, video and print, HUNG, DRAWN & QUARTERED showcased new work produced by the developing Alliance, formed between sculpture students, tutors and invited guest artists during a two week residency at Standpoint. The alliance worked together over an intensive fortnight of talks, workshops and surgeries, which presented and explored ideas around an expanded and reflective understanding of the phrase. The sharing of skills and concepts became a core part of the collaboration.

PRICK & STITCH ALLIANCE 2023: Akanksha Bonsra, Alida Kuzemczak-Sayer, Annabel Tennyson-Davies, Arabel Lebrusan, Asher Levitas, Candice Dehnavi, Daniel Nielsen, Denise De Cordova, Doireann Gillan, Fengxuan Zeng, Frances Pinnock, Francesca Dobbe, Freya Gabie, Helen Clarke, Jangho Yoon, Josephine Molter, Kate Davis, Maria Positano, Maya Masuda, Minjung Kim, Nat Breitenstein, Pablo Fernandez, Rafaella Lazarou, Robert Green, Rong Bao, Seongeun Lee, Theresa Weber, Xiaoyu Zhang, Ying Zu, Yiwen Hu, Yuqing Shi, Zhou Yao, Ziwei Wang and Ziyi Zhai