Eiren (Eggs). Bunker(t)raume. June 2000. Gesundbrunnen Bunker. Berlin. Germany

Site-specific installation. 4.000 half eggshells aligned on the wall and floor in an old Berlin Bunker.

As human beings, we have the tendency to create spatial order around us. Disorder makes us anxious and afraid. Repetition composes order and can bring us to calmness. But also through repetition an object can loose its purposefulness; it gets empty of meaning as a word repeated many times. Then, a new “space” is created which can gain new and unexpected narratives.

In the bunker, 4.000 perfect organised eggshells evoke people hidden during the Second World War. The confrontation between the fragility of the eggshells and the hardness of the bunker’s concrete created a totally new and emotive atmosphere, making poetry with form. The history of the place influenced the choice of materials and gave the context of the installation. This project, as many of the other works from Lebrusan, uses a big amount of objects.

“Part of the process to create my installations is to source and recollect them. This gets done through advertisements in the newspapers, notes in the supermarket, second hand shops, friends, neighbours, etc. These are socially engaging works where the citizen becomes part of the process as well as the objects themselves. For ‘eieren’ I spent two months collecting eggshells from Italian, Greek and Spanish restaurants as well as placing an advert in the newspaper. Twice a week I visited their kitchens to pick up the eggs that were saved the previous days. Each time they would ask: How many already?”

berlin 2

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