In the Toilet #204

In my house 4. Virtual exhibition. The AntiMA


Curator: Abigail Miller

Photography. Projection

“With Arabel’s piece, I was aware that using a toilet in art can become quite Duchamp-y. I wanted to avoid any relation to the readymade object, as I felt this piece had more narrative than the toilet as a functional thing. With her practice rooted in the encounters we have with spaces, it made me consider the things we do in bathrooms: wash our hands, typical bodily functions, crying, vomiting, taking 5 minutes away from the kids, checking our makeup  or hair is good before we leave for work etc etc. Arabel used photography to document and emotionally process her experience of going through an eating disorder. She used the image of a toilet and bathroom to create a sense of distance. With images we can press pause and look a little bit more, notice more details that we didn’t initially see before by just looking. Projecting an image of a toilet onto a toilet created a duality of the object, and the distortion of the image incited an interesting narrative texture that blended together space and experienced encounters with spaces.” Abigail Miller